At Least We All Have a 70 inch TV Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

John Lewis, the retail chain not the man on Twitter who's about to get busy again, has revealed some stats about the sort of junk the nation buys from it. The headline WTF number is that the size of TVs people purchase continues to grow exponentially, with sales of 70-inch models particularly on the up.

John Lewis says that 70-inch TVs are now the most popular size of set it sells across its entire range of rectangles, with sales of 60-inch models up by 249 per cent year-on-year too, even though people can't all suddenly have living rooms that can accommodate such behemoths. As recently as 2010 the 36-inch screen was the most popular option, so pictures and mirrors must be coming down to make way for massive TVs. Internal walls are being hammered though right now so dad can get F1 cars at almost life size in the living room.

The massive screens of the people will be used to display HD content though at least, as John Lewis also says that sales of traditional DVD players are to be abandoned once current stocks have sold, losing out to the streaming services that provide all the standard-definition kids entertainment now. [Telegraph]