Banksy's Secret Video Reveals How 'Girl With Balloon' Shredding Should Have Worked

By Gizmodo Australia on at

When Banksy remotely shredded his "Girl with Balloon" during a Sotheby's auction earlier this month, it was both surprising and unsurprising. While the act itself shocked at the time, in hindsight, it lines up perfectly with the mysterious artist's MO. The only hitch being the destruction stuffing up halfway through. Now, Banksy has released a behind-the-scenes video, showing exactly how the shredding should have worked.

In the video, we see a person (presumably Banksy) constructing the picture frame from scratch — shredder included — before transitioning to the Sotheby's action, complete with candid recordings.

Eventually, the picture is sold, after which the destruction begins. Unfortunately for Banksy (and one could argue the person who purchased it), the shredding gets stuck half to two-thirds of the way through.

This wasn't meant to happen. If you jump to the 2:37-mark of the clip, you'll see the frame and shredder working perfectly, which makes you wonder what precisely went wrong. [YouTube]

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