BBC Launches VR Bombing Run on Berlin

By Gary Cutlack on at

1943 Berlin Blitz is a new historical production from the BBC's VR department, which reenacts the wartime efforts of the corporation's reporter Wynford Vaughan-Thomas and his sound recordist Reg Pidsley.

Vaughan-Thomas made his name with a staggering bit of reportage for the BBC in 1943, when, along with poor old mic man Pidsley, he took to the air in an RAF Lancaster bomber to record the events of a genuine bombing raid heading for Berlin. Hence it might be quite the harrowing experience, as the VR recreation uses Vaughan-Thomas's report from the day, augmented, obviously, by today's cutting-edge VR visuals. It'll be a bit like being there, except modern VR pilots are only risking a case of mild nausea with zero risk of crashing into the sea while on fire, having the sea put the flames out, then ironically drowning.

The radio broadcast itself is available to listen to on the BBC too, in case you don't have the necessary PC and VR headset to do it the fancy new way. It launches on the two main VR platforms of Oculus and Vive on Thursday, before eventually hitting the likes of the 360-degree Gear VR and Google Daydream sets. [BBC]