Bear Grylls Endorses Worm Biscuit Range

By Gary Cutlack on at

Celebrity fire starter Bear Grylls has teamed up with high-piling retailer Tobar to launch a range of energy bars, bars which are certified gluten-free thanks to being made from worm flour. It'll be like having your own little I'm a Celebrity... episode each time you peel one open because all the nice biscuits have gone.

This is according to The Grocer, which says four flavours of buffalo worm flour energy bars bearing the Grylls surname and brand name are set to launch via Tobar. Sadly, two of the flavours are hidden behind The Grocer's paywalled article, and at over £200 for a membership, we're not likely to find out what they are any time today. The image the niche publisher tweeted out reveals there's an apple and cinnamon flavour one though, plus a dark chocolate and fig, both catering to those avoiding gluten and soya yet needing something that's packed with energy like a flapjack, because that darned pig needs killing before sundown and there's no time for a sandwich.

We'll have to guess the other flavours. Maybe last resort charred human flesh flavour for when you're really stranded and have to resort to slicing off bits of your own forearm and cooking them over a fire. And mint. [The Grocer]