"Being Tall" is the New Cancer Likelihood Trigger

By Gary Cutlack on at

Tall people are more likely to get cancer, scientists have calculated, but can you clickbait why? Is it because they are nearer the sun? Do they sleep worse because their feet poke out more? Is it related to the amount of bending down that their internal organs are subjected to? Is it the cumulative effect of a lifetime of minor head bumps?

The real reason is not quite that bonkers, but is still quite bonkers – it's because tall people have more person to get cancer in. As in, they have more cells in their bodies, hence they are buying more metaphorical cancer-getting lottery tickets each day of their lives, simply by having more cells to potentially mutate into one of the myriad forms of the disease.

There may also be some complicated hormonal interactions going on too, as the study found an increased likelihood of skin cancers in some tall people too, an anomaly that couldn't be explained by simply having more skin acreage to expose to the sun, and could mean enhanced growth hormone levels contribute too. Sadly there's not much you can do about being tall, although maybe feeding your kids less could stop them developing tallness-related problems in later in life. [Guardian]

Image credit: Unsplash