Believe It Or Not, This Image Isn't Moving, Your Brain Is Screwing With You

By Logan Booker on at

Time to have your mind blown. See the image above, and how the shapes seem to move and slither around? It's not a GIF or other type of animation — it's 100 per cent static. In reality, your rascally visual cortex is doing all the work.

If the image doesn't appear to move for you, you're not using a big enough screen (so those on mobile phones, basically). To get the proper effect, try looking at the image out of the corner of your eye, or view it on a PC monitor or TV.

How does the illusion work? Alice Proverbio, who shared the image on Twitter, is a cognitive neuroscience professor at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy. In a series of tweets, she explains the science of it.

Put simply, your neurons are fighting it out, with neither one quite winning. Here's the full-sized image, where the effect is more pronounced.

I had to stop looking after after a minute or two, as it gave me a headache. Which is to be expected, I guess! [Twitter]

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