British Startup to Launch 'Crowdfunded Netflix'

By Holly Brockwell on at

A British startup is aiming to rival Netflix with a new streaming service that allows members to buy shares in upcoming shows before they get big.

Bombay Sour, whose website proclaims the somewhat offputting 'BLOCKCHAIN MOBILE-FIRST ENTERTAINMENT,' is set to launch Zest this week, according to the Telegraph.

Zest by Bombay Sour seems like a rather confusing set of names for something entirely digital and not at all related to cocktails, but the service sounds like a good idea in theory: pilot shows will be made available for investment, so early adopters can help fund their success. There's not a great deal of detail about how exactly the blockchain part works or what potential returns subscribers could get, but mashing together crowdfunding and streaming seems like a no-brainer in terms of 'things that might work'.

If you consider yourself an influencer type person or you're particularly good at spotting big things before they happen, Zest could be a way to make a bit of cash on the side. We'd also be interested to see if this changes the kinds of shows that get made: big production houses are notorious for sticking to the same tired tropes and overly white, hetero storylines. Maybe crowdfunding will help more diverse shows see the light.

According to the very sparse website, Zest's offering will include original content, short-form, AR and VR. Will it work? Will you be subscribing? Not long to wait now.