Bragi's Lawsuit Continues, Asks Court to Block OnePlus's 'Dash' Products That are No Longer On Sale

By Tom Pritchard on at

At the end of last month Chinese phone maker OnePlus was hit with a lawsuit from German headphone maker Bragi. The audio company had issue with the fact OnePlus's fast-charging system was called 'Dash', which is the same name as the Bragi's wire-free earbuds. The weird thing is OnePlus had already phased out the Dash Charge brand, and it only gets weirder from there.

Bragi has filed an injunction that is designed to stop OnePlus from using the Dash name on any of its products while the whole dispute is dealt with in the courts. The weird thing about this story is that OnePlus seems to have already done that. The company announced its intention to ditch the Dash Charge moniker following a failed attempt to trademark the name within the EU back in May. The EU Intellectual Property Office said that the name was too similar to other products from Amazon and Bragi, so OnePlus decided it would come up with a new name.

While it was announced Dash Charge would be 'phased out', it seems the company purged the name from its lineup. The OnePlus store refers to fast charging kit as 'OnePlus Fast Charge', as does the official spec sheet for the OnePlus 6 - which did feature 'Dash' branded cables and chargers in the box when it launched in May. Whether customers would still get a 'Dash' branded cable in the box today is unclear, and we don't have £469 to find out. It's said that OnePlus will be rebranding its fast charging system as 'Warp Charge', but so far no announcement has been made. Presumably that would be saved for Monday's OnePlus 6T reveal.

Bragi has apparently made these moves to "ensure" that the incoming 6T doesn't violate its trademarks, and reiterated claims that the similar branding could cause confusion. Even though Dash charging and Dash earbuds are completely similar, it pointed to OnePlus's own earbud range (named Bullets) about the chances of overlap - even though it admitted there was no evidence of "actual confusion" from customers. But it argued that shouldn't affect the eventual outcome.

A hearing for the injunction is set for 12th December. We'll just have to wait and see what the outcome is, and whether OnePlus has taken proactive measure to avoid any trademark confusion with the OnePlus 6T. More than it already has done, of course. As for Bragi, we'll just have to see whether they're going to go a step further and decide they don't like Amazon offering a product called 'Dash Buttons'. [Engadget]