Confront Your Christmas Demons With the Black Mirror Festive Annual

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you want to think about things and issues this Christmas and be made to feel bad each time you look at your telephone instead of grandma's teary face, Charlie Brooker has a little treat for you. It's the Inside Black Mirror festive tie-in merchandise gifting book, in hardback too so it appears more expensive and like you actually care and put some thought in.

The book's sort of a coffee table guide to the making of the popular sci-fi anthology, featuring behind-the-scenes photographs and a written-down form of director's commentary from Charlie himself, alongside input from the series' producer. Penguin says it has an RRP of £20, but in true dystopian style you can get it off Amazon for £14, contributing to the downfall of the high street and the emergence of the sort of world it's all warning us about.

Sitting next to that in Charlie's little entertainment niche is Philomena Cunk, who has done one too. And that is good because things in books are more true than things on the internet. [Inside Black Mirror]