Danger Chilli Levels Expected in New Crisps Range

By Gary Cutlack on at

Cute and traditional crisps maker Seabrook has decided it's time to go dark and menacing on us, with the launch of three varieties of ultra-hot crisp designed to test the nation's newfound love of extremely hot foods.

Joining Morrisons in introducing a variety of the warm indeed Trinidad Scorpion Chilli to the shelves of the UK's supermarkets, the company's new Fire Eaters range comes with an "extreme heat" warning on the packet; although we think that's something it has made up by itself and does not constitute an official governmental or crisps industry regulator warning.

Still, Seabrooks says the resulting crisps are so hot that staff have to use protective clothing during the manufacturing process, although having watched many an episode of Inside the Factory, that's not too unusual a situation. You can't make workers breathe in pepper all day or they'll quit, and hiring new ones is a nightmare. Everyone loves crisps, sure, but who wants to make them for 12 hours a day? Exactly.

The Seabrook Fire Eaters range goes on sale in the middle of the month, in those terribly unhealthy 150g bags that seem to have become the normal amount of crisps people eat now. For £1.59. Tesco will have them. It's probably pointless saying this, but try not to eat all 150g in one go. Save some for dinner too. [Daily Record]