David Attenborough's 'Dynasties' is All About Five of the World's Most Famous Endangered Species

By Tom Pritchard on at

Every year the BBC produces a new documentary series for David Attenborough, and every year people find themselves engrossed in what the famed naturalist has to say. Blue Planet II has even been credited with educating people about the plastic crisis in the oceans, and leading to a reduction in single-use plastics all over the country. I can't imagine this year's series, Dynasties, will be any different.

The BBC has announced that Dynasties will focus on five of the world's most famous endangered species, and the work that's being done to ensure their survival. The difference is that this year the series will be stylised more as a drama, focussing on a single member of the fives species to offer the audience a deeper connection with them and the natural world as a whole. Set to be included are emperor penguins down in the Antarctica, chimpanzees in Senegal, Kenyan lions, painted wolves by the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe, and Indian tigers.

BBC Studio's Natural History Unit has been working on this series over the past four years, focussing on key points in the lives of each animal and their families. It's been promised we can see the animals engage in politics, battles, alliances, family feuds, and more. Just like a drama with humans, really. The goal is to show unforeseen challenges that each species has to content with, including environmental changes and the way humans have affected the local ecosystem in long-lasting ways.

In typical BBC style we don't know when the series is set to begin, with the above trailer only telling us that it's 'coming soon'. It shouldn't be too long, though, since the BBC isn't normally content with announcing stuff and letting us sit around waiting. Unless it's Doctor Who, of course.