EAT Has Done a Funny Christmas Food

By Gary Cutlack on at

Emergency high street sandwich and a drink retailer EAT has jumped on the funny food for Christmas sleigh wagon, announcing that it's about to start selling something quirky involving Yorkshire pudding. Like Aldi did a year ago.

It's the Christmas Roast Turkey in a Yorkshire Pudding Wrap if you need it spelling out and describing in detail before committing, and seeing as it's posh and special, it costs £4.99. For one thing. You could come out with a carrier bag full for the entire family with that sort of money in Greggs.

Still, if you want something from the posh lunch end of the spectrum because you're feeling like a special Christmas fairy today in your lovely scarf and ruddy cheeks, it contains turkey, stuffing, bacon, cranberry sauce and random WTF element sage mayonnaise to make sure it's not six-day-old-leftovers levels of dried out, plus it's wrapped up in a Yorkshire so you can eat it out of your odd hand while your main hand scrolls away on the fun screen of ultimate distraction.

If it all sounds too posh, £2.75 gets you a pot of just pigs in blankets, or there's a pigs in blankets roll for £3.99. The amusing festive menu launches on November 7. [Standard]