Ecuador Demands Julian Assange Take Better Care of His Cat

By Tom Pritchard on at

Julian Assange has been hiding away in London Ecudaorian embassy since June 2012. I, meanwhile, have moved house six times in the same amount of time, so I can only assume he's getting a little bit sick of the place - especially since he hasn't had internet access since March. He does have a cat, though, and he seems to have passed some of his time by dressing it up and coming up with elaborate stories about the animal to earn himself some sympathy points. Unfortunately that cat may not be in the best position, because the embassy has had to demand Assange take better care of it.

It's no secret that Ecuador is sick to death of its long-term house guest, and has tried a number ways to get rid of the WikiLeaks co-founder. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, since he risks being arrested by the MET police the second he steps outside the embassy's front door. Now Assange was handed a memo with some new house rules he has to abide by, including demands that he clean up his bathroom and take better care of his feline companion. It's the kind of thing my mum would say to me when I was a teenager, aside from the fact we had a dog that needed plenty of walking - not a cat that likes wearing ties.

If Assange doesn't take better care of the cat the embassy staff have threatened to confiscate it and hand it over to a refuge. While it's not clear what the concerns are, Assange has been told to take care of its "well-being, food and hygiene". This doesn't mean the cat is neglected, after all it is regularly spotted staring at journalists out of his window, it could be that embassy staff are tired of taking care of it for him. But that's just me speculating.

Other points in the memo state that the diplomatic mission will not be paying for Assange's food, washing, or other living costs following the 1st December 2018, and thatnhe must have quarterly medical check-ups at his own expense. Assange's newly restored internet access can only be used on his personal laptop and phone via the embassy Wi-Fi, while he and his guests are forbidden from using 'unauthorised equipment'. Staff reserve the right to have security confiscate any equipment they deem inappropriate. He also needs to avoid talking politics online, which may be a bit easier now that he's no longer Editor-in-Chief of Wikileaks.

Failure to comply with the new house rules "could lead to the termination of the diplomatic asylum granted by the Ecuadorian state.”[BBC News | The Guardian]