Ed Sheeran Doesn't Want a Lego Ed Sheeran Any More

By Gary Cutlack on at

Even Ed Sheeran is bored of seeing Ed Sheeran all over the place, so much so that he's decided to sell a huge Lego recreation of his own head that he's owned for a few years.

This is not an official Lego set, though. It's a one-off Lego Ed Sheeran that was built by Ed himself, which is what happens when you suddenly get massively famous and can afford all the Lego in the world yet also have a lot of spare time between gigs and aren't really into drinking and whoring.

Sheeran donated the Lego head and around 300 other pieces of memorabilia of himself to St Elizabeth Hospice earlier this year, which now plans to auction it off to raise funds for terminal illness charity Zest. The entire set of Ed items are currently viewable at his old school, Thomas Mills High School, in Suffolk. [ITV News]

Image credit: Twitter