EE Continues to Dominate in OpenSignal's Latest Report

By Tom Pritchard on at

OpenSignal is always analysing the state of the UK's mobile signal, and trying to work out which of the four big networks is offering the best service, based on the state of their infrastructure. The latest report has just been released, and it's no surprise that EE is still hovering in the top spot. It's good to have all that BT money, after all.

This newest report also includes the OpenSignal Awards, and EE swept the floor by coming out with damn near everything. As you can see below it was only beaten by Three on the topic of 3G download speeds, and ended up drawing with Vodafone on 3G latency. But, given the company's expansion of 4G services and the impending launch of 5G, I can only assume 3G isn't high on its list of priorities. Poor O2, though, it didn't win anything.

If you head over to OpenSignal's full report, you can also look at an interactive chart that shows just how close all the networks are to toppling EE's dominance. Vodafone held second place in five of the seven categories, while O2 was second in just one (4G availability). Naturally EE came in second on the topic of 3G speeds, even if Three took the top spot. So looking at all that and then at the regional performance charts, it's no surprise that there are a lot of circles labelled 'E'.

Interestingly Three has dropped off the list since the last report, and O2 has lost a couple of key areas. But it's not all bad news for the non-EE networks. Vodafone has popped up as the top dog in a bunch of new categories, which suggests its been working hard at improving its infrastructure to give EE a run for its money. The two are still tied in most places, but that's certainly better than nothing. Sucks to be Three, though. I can only assume its mind is occupied elsewhere, like doing all of its work developing 5G ready for the planned 2020 launch.

You can read OpenSignal's full report (with the methodology) here.