Every Frame of This Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Is Absolutely Bonkers

By James Whitbrook on at

Remember how Legends of Tomorrow is the greatest TV show around?

Legends of Tomorrow just rode in on a goddamn unicorn, half-drunk on its own batshit wildness, and dropped an extended look at the upcoming fourth season of the show that proves it still holds the crown atop the pile of CW/DC projects.

The main premise of this season, which brings John Constantine back into the orbit of the Legends, is that magical beasts of all sorts have been flung across the time stream, thanks to the Legends’...unorthodox plan... to stop Mallus from destroying all things. The team has a new mission to hunt them down and send these supernatural creatures back to hell (hey, their words not mine), but it seems like the Legends production team decided that “magic” shouldn’t just mean like, your traditional fairy tale stuff. It should mean the show going absolutely doolally in the best possible way.

There is just so much going on this trailer, it’s honestly sort of spectacular. That cute unicorn gores a hippy! Swamp Thing references! The Legends as camp counsellors! Godzilla! Ray’s incredibly questionable mustache! Is that the dearly departed Professor Stein as a killer puppet!?

It’s so much. And yet, also, just the right amount of so much. I can’t wait. Legends of Tomorrow and the unicorn it rode in on returns to Sky One on 31st October.