Exclusive: HQ Trivia UK is Launching Two New Shows, Including the Winner-Takes-All 'The One'

By Tom Pritchard on at

There are times when I forget HQ Trivia is a thing, having found myself bored of never winning I gave up on it months ago. But clearly it's still doing pretty well for itself, because the company has just announced two brand new quiz shows are set to launch in the UK. There's HQ Sports, which launched Stateside back in July, and a new quizzical winner-takes-all show called The One.

I can't help but think that The One is somehow related to the rising popularity of Battle Royale games, since this quiz won't be letting a group of winners share the prize pot amongst themselves. So your chances of winning are far, far slimmer, but once you do the payout should be well worth it. No more winning and finding you won £2.50. The show will have a prize of £5,000, presented by HQ mainstay Sharon Carpenter, and will air this Sunday (7th October) at 9pm.

The downside is that this seems to be a one-off show for the time being, but HQ does have plans for the format with Dan Glassman, Head of International at HQ Trivia, saying:

“Our ‘one winner takes all’ games are exciting, tension-filled events that offer us the opportunity to positively impact a lucky winner’s life. We plan on further building out ‘The One’ format to deliver more excitement and larger cash prizes to our amazing fans.”

The UK edition of HQ Sports will launch this Sunday at 2pm, with hosting duties handed over to Tyler West, a presenter who also happens to be a former member of Team GB - representing Britain in handball of all things. The launch is building on the success of sport-themed specials earlier this year, including those tying into the World Cup, and will be broadcast every Sunday to complement the range of weekend football people already enjoy.

No word on the prizes, but no doubt it'll be very similar to the standard quiz show - just with all the questions relating to sport. Sport questions were always my biggest weakness, and if you're the same then you have to work out your odds of actually winning.