Genius Scotsman Reverse-Engineers His Own Full-Sugar Irn Bru

By Holly Brockwell on at

News that the sugar in Irn Bru was being cut in half did not go down well in Scotland, where it's the best-selling drink – above even Coca-Cola products, which win in most territories. But an enterprising Scotsman reckons he's come up with a homebrew recipe that tastes the same as the old version.

The recipe change was a result of the sugar tax, and reduced the calorie content of a can of the orange fizz from 140 to 66. Scots – who have a long history of pointedly ignoring health advice – started stockpiling the old version ahead of the switch, which happened in January this year. There was even a petition, which went absolutely nowhere, so no doubt the 50,000+ people who signed will be pleased to hear there's another option.

Concocted by an Irn-Bru fan called Lee, who says he was buying 4 or 5 eight-packs a day to stock up before the recipe change, the home-bru (as we're calling it) requires a Sodastream machine and some sugary orange flavour syrup.

Lee, who surprisingly still has teeth, talks through his method in a video released by BBC Scotland:

Lee says it's not quite the same as the old formula, but close.

Incredibly, the recipe change led to Irn-Bru manufacturer AG Barr publicly reassuring people that "Irn-Bru will still be a sugary drink," which is something we can't imagine any other drinks company being able to openly say in 2018.

We wonder if AG Barr regrets reducing the sugar instead of putting the price up, as other drinks companies did, now that they're poised to be outsold by Lee's bootleg Bru. At least they can get a branded coffin for their business. [Metro]

Main image: Mary Hutchison via Flickr CC.