Gizmodo UK Pivots To Lego

By James O Malley on at

Please forgive the self-indulgent nature of this post, but today is my last day in the Interim Editor's Chair at Gizmodo UK. After two years, I've decided it is time to move on and seek fresh adventures, but worry not! Your usual Gizmodo UK service will continue as normal, as our excellent News Editor Tom Pritchard will be taking over from me as Editor.

Tom is going to be excellent, as he knows the site inside out, having worked for Gizmodo UK in his capacity as a freelancer, then Production Editor, then News Editor. Basically, you're in safe hands. In all likelihood, the only major change is going to be the slow evolution of the site to be 100% focused on Lego - which is an obsession of both Tom, and our amazing Production Editor, Kim Snaith. The other upshot? You might get slightly less Brexit snark, with me no longer calling the shots.

Over the past two years, I've learned a lot and more importantly, I once upset Jeremy Clarkson who sent a grumpy tweet after I wrote about how his Grand Tour to Switzerland was basically all a nonsense. Unfortunately though, he still got the last laugh when Amazon used a critical quote of mine to promote the second season of the show, with my words sitting on a banner across the Amazon homepage for a week. I'll get you next time, Clarkson.

What I'm going to be miss most though about Gizmodo UK isn't the freedom to conduct statistical analyses on celebrity deaths, or the space to argue that Thanos was right, but the people I've worked with every day.

Working with the Gizmodo UK team has been an utter joy, as they are all thoroughly brilliant. So thank you to Tom, Kim, Kelly Kanayama, Gary Cutlack, David Basch, David Meikleham, Aatif Sulleyman, Jack Tomlin and the countless other colleagues and freelancers I've worked with over the last couple of years for both being excellent, and for putting up with my questionable editorial decisions.

Thanks also to my colleagues elsewhere in the Future Publishing empire for making my time at Giz excellent - especially Rich Stanton, Keza MacDonald, Laura Kate Dale, and Gerald Lynch.

And finally, thanks to everyone for reading and supporting Gizmodo UK over the last couple of years. We're a small team here in the UK, and we love doing what we do - and none of it would be possible if you didn't read our words and buy the products and services advertised around them. So keep doing that.

So thanks everyone, it has been fun!

If you'd like to continue to follow my adventures, or better still, commission or hire me, you can tweet me @Psythor.