Gizmodo UK's Halloween Hub of Horrors 2018: Petrifying Pumpkins, Frightful Films and Creepy Costumes

By Kim Snaith on at

It's almost Halloween! That means it's an excuse to dress up like something spooky, eat a load of sweets and go and annoy strangers by knocking on their door. Well, providing you're under the age of about 12 that is. For the rest of us, it's a chance to complain about how Americanised the UK has become... while secretly looking for an excuse to dress up like a stormtrooper.

Whether you're heading to a fancy dress party, carving pumpkins, taking the kids trick-or-treating or staying at home watching scary films, we've got you covered. Happy Halloween, Gizzers!

How to Carve an Animated Pumpkin

If you want to decorate for Halloween with something a little more original, why not turn your pumpkin into a working animated zoetrope? It will really wow all the kids stopping by to beg for free sweets.

How Horror Movies Get Around Mobile Phones

Let’s look at where modern horror has succeeded, and failed, to enter the digital age.

How Fear Can Kill You

The real science behind a spooky phenomenon.

Know Your Haunts: A Crash Course in Horror's Most Confusingly Similar Ghostly Titles

Get your spooks in order with our handy cheat sheet.

Get in the Halloween Spirit With The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Played on Spooky Decorations

We never realised that something as simple as pouring candy from one bucket to another had so much musical potential.

There Are So Many Amazing Halloween Posters It's Almost Scary

Here's 22 posters total and that’s just a tiny sliver of what’s available.

There's a Sexy Meghan Markle Halloween Costume

Baby bump sold separately.

These Unique Maternity Photos Took a Decidedly Dark, Alien Twist

Two fans of the Alien franchise took their maternity pictures to a whole other level.

Dad Wins Halloween by Building a Working Replica of Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Ride

This dude has too much time on his hands. Still, kudos.

Just Give This Kid Wearing a Hand-Crocheted Full Predator Costume All the Halloween Sweets

Just give up on Halloween now, there's no way any of us can beat this.

9 of the Best Worst Horror Movies Ever Made

If you delight in horror that’s so “bad” it’s gone all the way back to good, have we got a fun list for you.

This Empty Box Hides a Screaming Ghost Head That Will Make All Your Friends Hate You at Halloween

The Banshee Box is just about the easiest way to cull your friend circle down to zero.

Animating a Short Film Using Carved Pumpkins Requires More Patience Than I'll Ever Have

Crunch the numbers, and a minute of stop-motion animation filmed at 12 frames per second would require 720 unique pumpkin carvings.

10 Quick, Cheap, and Impressively Relevant DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re a nerdy procrastinator on a budget, you can’t go wrong with these.

How to Carve Your Halloween Pumpkin in Less Than 30 Seconds

It takes less than 30 seconds to turn a pumpkin into a jack-o’-lantern with water pumping at an astonishing 60,000 PSI.

10 Obscure Cult Horror Movies Everyone Should Watch (and Re-Watch)

A list of 10 highly disturbing cult horror movies for you to binge over the Halloween season. I'll be starting with the fantastically titled Cannibal Apocalypse, personally.

The 13 Scariest Evil Movie Clowns (So Far)

There seems to be an epidemic of scary clowns going on in pop culture right now.

The 9 Most Nightmarish Movies About Nuclear Attacks

Threads may be eighth on the list, but it ranks number one in bleakness.

Spectacular Halloween Light Show Will Make You Glad You're Not This Guy's Neighbour

This spectacular Halloween light show will make you glad that this guy isn't your next door neighbour.

10 Most Haunted Videos On the World Wide Web

Things that go bump in the net.

The Spookiest Phobias From the Wikipedia of Fear

Phobia Wiki is equal parts terrifying and hilarious.

10 Terrifying Real-World Problems to Scare You Senseless This Halloween

Halloween shouldn’t be a papier-maché, Tim Burton recreation of the Victorian era, as there’s really something much scarier to think about: The Future.

The Best Creepypasta Stories to Give You Nightmares Forever

Our guide to the scariest stories and urban legends to come out of the internet age.

Carve Up Some Science With a Physics-Themed Pumpkin Creation

Toothy grins and pointy eyes are passé. If you really want your pumpkin lantern to stand out, we recommend spicing things up with a healthy dose of physics.

Five Creepy, Scary, Awesome Things You Never Knew About Blood

Here are some of the weirdest and wildest things that have happened in the world of blood.

Trousers Made From the Skin of a Human Corpse Are the Must-Have Halloween Costume (NSFW)

Try as you might, your Halloween costume will never be as fucked-up as this Icelandic pair of Necropants – yep, they're made of real human skin, in line with ancient Icelandic traditions.

The 13 Most Iconic TV Witches

Witches have been small-screen staples for over 50 years. Here are 13 of the best.

Absolutely Nothing Will Go Wrong When MIT Lets the Internet Control a Real Person on Halloween

Anything illegal or that violates the safety or identity of the actor will be prohibited. But beyond that, anything goes.

Halloween's Extra Spooky With Michael Jackson's Thriller Played On Outdated Zombie Technology


Real-Life 'Zombie' Animals Walk The Earth Thanks to Thousands of Parasites

Only the dead —and the undead—are truly free.

12 Movies Featuring Ghosts You'd Actually Want to Hang Out With

Here are our favourite friendly film spooks.