Google Finally Dishes the Dirt on the New Chromecast

By Tom Pritchard on at

We knew there was a new Chromecast coming, complete with some sort of revamped design, but for some reason Google chose to ignore it during last night's big launch event. But now that's over we finally have some solid details, beyond 'its got a different logo in the middle'. Unfortunately it's not that impressive.

As we've seen before the third generation dongle has a matte finish with a simple Google 'G' in the middle, rather than the glossy Chrome-ladden device that was released a couple of years ago. Sadly the basic function of the device is mostly the same as before, with a maximum of 1080p resolution, though there are some changes. For one the third generation device supports Full HD video at 60fps, which was only possible on the second gen device if you dropped down to 720p. It's also supposed to be 15 per cent faster.

The biggest change, however, is that the new Chromecaset can link up with connected speakers that are already paired with Google's range of smart gadgets. In other words Google has squeezed all the features of the Chromecast Audio inside - essentially saving you from having to spend £30 on a different dongle should the need arise. The downside is that this feature won't be available until later this year.

Other rumours have suggested that the device will have stronger Wi-Fi support and Bluetooth, though none of those things have been mentioned by Google. It was also suggested that the new Chromecast would support 4K video, but that's obviously not true. If you want 4K and HDR you'll need to spend £60 on the Chromecast Ultra.

As expected the new dongle is £30, and is available in black or white. [Google via The Verge]