Google Store Accidentally Reveals the Upcoming Google Home Hub

By Kim Snaith on at

There have been rumours of a 'Google Home Hub' circulating for a while – a smart device like Amazon's Echo Show with a built-in screen so it can also show you stuff instead of just talking to you. It hasn't officially been announced yet, but it seems that Google has just outed their own product.

As spotted by Android Police, there's been a banner showing on the American Google Store offering a $25 discount if you buy a Chromecast Ultra and a Google Home Hub together. A Google Home Hub that hasn't even been announced yet! Whoops, Google.

It's likely that the Home Hub will be properly announced during this evening's Pixel event, where we should hopefully find out more information about it. But at least thanks to Google's premature update to their own store, we know it certainly exists. [Ubergizmo]

Image: Android Police