Government Plans Special Brexit 50p

By Gary Cutlack on at

People who enjoy collecting all the types of 50 pence coin we have here in the UK are about to be told to look out for another one, but it might be one that a sizeable percentage of the population would rather not get in their change and will instead frisbee into the nearest charity slot. It's about Brexit. A Brexit 50p. Get those jokes in fast. The best one we've thought of so far is it should actually be worth 51.9 pence in honour of the percentage of Leave votes, which would also make shopping more complicated as an additional Brexit metaphor.

This special Brexit commemoration-slash-memorial coin bearing the staggeringly ironic inscription "Friendship With All Nations" is set to be minted in time for 2019's Brexit deadline day, with the coin apparently destined to enter circulation on March 29 of next year – the day the UK is currently on track to automatically exit the EU, deal or no deal.

According to The Sun, chancellor Philip Hammond will reveal a plan to launch the Brexit 50p today, which will be one of the lighthearted moments of the afternoon's budget statement. The coin pictured above comes from the happier times of 1998, when the nation actually celebrated 25 years of being in the EU, and 50p was enough for a deposit on a flat. [The Sun]