GP Contact App Told to Stop Pretending it Works Like it Says

By Gary Cutlack on at

GP at Hand, one of the services offered by wannabe future digital health provider Babylon Health, has been told off by authorities for offering a chat with a GP in "minutes" through the modern solve-it-all of a smartphone – as customers first have to switch GPs in order to use the online consultancy service. By which time the redness will probably have gone away by itself.

Several people complained about Babylon's London Underground poster and Facebook ads for its online GP service, which claimed to offer free 24/7 access to doctors as well as superfast consultations – with the associated glory of an official NHS subdomain to access it all -- but glossed over the fact that in order to use the service you have to leave your current doctor and register with a Babylon-participating alternative and live within at least commuting distance of certain catchment areas. Therefore, for the first time at least, there is literally zero chance of getting to chat to a GP within hours or even days, let alone the promised mere minutes.

GP at Hand has been told to stop it and behave, and add more visible disclaimers that using its service involves de-registering with your current GP; a process that will, ironically, generate quite an amount of ball-ache people will no doubt prefer to avoid having to deal with. [ASA via BBC]

Image credit: Twitter