Greggs is Testing a New Vegan-Friendly Sausage Roll

By Tom Pritchard on at

Not being vegan (or vegetarian, for that matter), I don't really pay much attention to how good a company's non-meat offerings tend to be. But I can imagine Greggs won't have a huge range of vegetable-friendly products. They may sell salads and sandwiches, but I mean pasties. Going to Greggs for a salad is like going to Alton Towers to look at the ducks and not go on any of the rides. But there may be good news, because it's been revealed Greggs is testing a new vegan sausage roll.

This news was broken by Raise Vegan, who points out that notable animal nutters PETA were pestering Greggs to develop a vegan sausage roll earlier this year. Apparently PETA seems to think that it's healthier to offer plant-based sausage rolls, though I'm not entirely sure how a greasy pastry could possibly be good for you - meat or no meat. While Greggs initially promised to have more vegan items on the menu before the end of the year, and then released a vegan wrap, this is the first time we've heard about a vegan pastry.

There's no set timetable on when the faux-sausage roll will be available, or what it'll be made of, only that head office is 'testing' the new product. Presumably that means focus groups and making sure it's both delicious and appealing to various vegan and non-vegan demographics. They have to make sure it tastes good, after all, and if it doesn't the whole endeavour would be a massive waste of money. What's more some fringe elements might even accuse the company of deliberately making the rolls taste bad as part of some anti-vegan conspiracy. It sounds outlandish, but you know what the world's idiots are like when they group together.

So there's good news on the horizon for bakery-loving vegans and vegetarians alike, even if they're going to have to be patient. Hopefully Greggs can have the sausage-but-not-sausage roll out before the end of the year, but there's no way of knowing for sure. But at least it's trying to adapt to consumer needs, and not blaming vegans for declining business. Meanwhile us meat eaters have the festive menu to look forward to, plus whatever hilariously offensive Jesus-based imagery Greggs comes up with to market it. [Raise Vegan via Plant Based News]