Health Experts Want Petrol and Diesel Cars Off Sale by 2030

By Gary Cutlack on at

A super-hero troupe consisting of members of many of the UK's highest medical professions has waded into the air pollution debate, with this bunch of surgical-mask-wearing vigilantes demanding that the deadline to end sales of petrol and diesel cars is brought forward to 2030.

This trumps the 2032 date preferred by a recent environmental select committee, with the UK Health Alliance on Climate Change taking the hard line because of potential health issues in the UK's most grey-aired spots. The UKHACC represents loads of the UK's medical professional bodies, and its biggest ask is that the government creates a Clean Air Act to make it the law to reach air quality targets, with an associated statutory body to be in charge of prosecuting breaches.

Fewer car trips in general should be a national ambition rather than simply switching everyone to EVs, as they also recommend boosting spend on "active travel" infrastructure to £10 per head of population. This could be achieved by financial backing of car clubs and bike rentals, and a separate "NHS Clean Air Fund" should be established to electrify NHS vehicles, as they say that around 3.5 per cent of all UK traffic is NHS-related. [UKHACC [PDF]]