Health Lobbyists Rebrand Legoland "Deep Fried Crap Land"

By Gary Cutlack on at

Legoland's attraction in Windsor has been visited by healthy food lobbyists, and the results show the food options offered to diners, particularly children, are about as nutritious as eating a Lego City 60193 Arctic Air Transport on its toasted instruction manual.

Visitors from the Soil Association ranked it second-bottom for dietary health and vegetable selection out of 22 of the UK's largest attractions, bemoaning a lack of any sort of vegetables on the site's children's menu choices, and singling out the park's popular but not exactly healthy unlimited fizzy drink refill option that's whored out at ticket ordering time for shame. Lego says it'll do better in 2019, though, when there will be "a vegetable or salad" choice with all children's meals.

Other food crimes reported at the UK's least healthy attraction eateries include only offering veg as a side order on adult meals, refillable hydration stations that offer nothing but fizzy drinks, puddings that contain nearly three times the entire daily sugar allowance for a child, and even the Stonehenge caff got a telling off for selling mostly "pre-prepared snacks packed in plastic."

An educational day out at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens is the best choice for parents who want to feed their kids well, as it offers organically grown veg from the on-site kitchen garden, sustainably caught fish, and meat of known provenance. [Soil Association via Sky News]