How to Tune Into Apple's 'Special Event', Which is Probably About iPads

By Tom Pritchard on at

Yesterday we had the OnePlus 6T's big launch event, and today Apple is holding an event of its own. Again, because apparently iPads all deserve their own special event - even though nobody has actually cared about iPads since the first iPad Air. But hey, Apple's got to Apple, and no doubt Tim Cook will wheel out a bunch of people on stage to show off how amazing (and definitely not boring) the new devices will be.

The event itself is taking place in Brooklyn, which is a good few thousand miles away from us here in the UK. Even if Apple would let you in, you probably couldn't get there in time. Thankfully, unlike the weird educational iPad event that happened back in March, the whole thing is being livestreamed on Apple's website. That means you can watch everything unfold live.

While it's not been confirmed this time around, the even better news is that Apple has given up on forcing people to stream to Safari on an Apple device. Microsoft's Edge has been supported for sometime, and the past few events have let Chrome and Firefox users tune in as well. Because Apple is really nice, and figured it would do everyone a huge favour by not forcing them onto a device or browser that they hate.

At the time of writing the livestream page isn't live, but the placeholder is up and ready to go for a 2pm start. Apple TV owners can also apparently tune in from their telly-box via the special event app, but sadly there's no word on whether everything will be livestreamed on Twitter (or some other platform) as was the case with last month's iPhone event.

If you don't want to tune in, because 2pm is when you're supposed to be working, then you don't have to. We'll have all the biggest news from this event up on site. Just make sure to be hovering around the homepage and we'll have everything you need to know as and when it happens.