HS2 Reveals Designs for Birmingham's Rebuilt Curzon Street

By Gary Cutlack on at

The remnants of Birmingham's once mighty Curzon Street station are being reconnected to the nation by HS2, and the rail planners and their architects have revealed what it'll all look like, should HS2 seriously actually happen for real.

And yes, they're going with the transport vernacular of a massive glass shed for the build, with the Curzon Street terminal set to house seven high speed platforms once completed in 2026, and planners also allowing for plenty of outside space for commuters to sit in and eat pasties and baguettes, plus space to allow connections to the local tram network.

Look at all these happy people, eating their baguettes and pasties and drinking their coffees as if everything is all going to be OK in the year 2026:

Architect Neven Sidor from Grimshaws said that room is being made for the remaining old Curzon Street entrance building too, explaining: "The West concourse will have the ambience of a modern airport terminal with both platform and waiting areas included in the grand arched space. The East concourse has been designed to include the historic Curzon Station building as part of a revitalised New Canal Street scene."

There's another entire new railway build coming to the area too, with regional interchange station in Solihull (above) going for more of a modern football stadium approach. [Construction Enquirer]