Jeremy Clarkson Still Hates Electric Cars

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some absolute idiot at Hyundai thought it might be a good idea to lend Jeremy Clarkson a Kona Electric. That's the Kona ELECTRIC, the carmaker's brand new – uh-oh! – electric car. It's a pure EV too, none of this halfway house hybrid nonsense to bail Jeremy out when he engineers a low battery scenario for comic effect.

Hence Clarkson turned in a review of the Kona Electric for the Sunday Times [paywalled] in which he spent a few words at the end discussing the car ("loved a lot of it very much"), and the other contractually obligated 900 words or so ranting about the EV charging infrastructure of the UK or, more specifically, raging against the EV charging infrastructure of the bit of posh old Chipping Norton where he lives and eats expensive lunches in chairs where David Cameron might have been.

The review is therefore a mixture of comic misdirection ("charging time from a simple domestic circuit is measurable in weeks") and the car enthusiast's trademarked hard-to-believe exaggerations of the infuriating world of car ownership, in which he engineers a low battery scenario for comic effect and pads out the review with a tale of a mix-up at a charging station that left his car perma-plugged to the outlet and required his chauffeur – because Jeremy got pissed at lunch time – to phone a call centre to try to get the car released from the charger's dock. Nice that he's using rejected Grand Tour ideas for his column.

The upshot of this is that Clarkson liked the actual car part of the Kona, but told his fans not to bother with an EV at all yet, as it's a bit too complicated for him and there's a charger in Chipping Norton that was out of order a few weekends ago. Man of the people. [The Times]