John Lewis Tests a Complicated Subscription Cup-Washing Service

By Gary Cutlack on at

This is such a weird and complicated modern thing that we've had to pause the music so we can concentrate on it properly, but, we think, the gist of it is that John Lewis staff will soon be able to use a service that lets them collect freshly washed reusable coffee cups. Oh no, we've made a terrible mistake in thinking this sounded interesting.

At first, this sounded interesting because there's a photo of a yellow box that appears to accept cups then stacks them internally and sorts them into piles for later return, washing, and putting back into service. You have to admit that does look at least slightly interesting, with the system – built and operated by CupClub – introducing the terrifying future concept of "cups as a service." Oh no, five pence a go for a cup of tea, or infinite cups of tea for £7.99 a month.

If all goes to plan, the coffee cups of the near future will all be identically shaped so they can be deposited and stacked in base stations and shipped back to a warehouse to be bleached down, then put back into circulation, with the retailer or business picking up the tab and getting to say something good on its web site about caring for the environment. [John Lewis via Business Green]