Led Zeppelin Climbing the Stairway to Appeals Court

By Gary Cutlack on at

The long-running case between Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page and the estate of fellow 60s rocker Randy Wolfe is about to be kicked back into life again, despite appearing to end a couple of years ago.

There will be a new trial looking at the apparent similarities between the opening parts of Taurus by Wolfe's band Spirit and the melody of the guitar shop legend that is Led Zep's Stairway, after legal people decided the judge had made a mess of his direction to the jury in the previous case. The judge didn't tell them to consider a few minor technicalities regarding what can and can't be considered copyright-able in songwriting, plus the jury wasn't allowed to listen to the actual song as recorded by Wolfe's band Spirit -- relying instead on recreations from sheet music that may, or may not, have made a difference.

So around the houses it all goes again, even though both songs appear to owe quite a bit to the estates of former classical composers Giovanni Battista Granata or even Bach, as it looks like the tune has been everyone's favourite thoughtful chord progression for a couple of centuries at least. [Sky News]