Lego Gives Us a First Glimpse of The Upcoming Ideas Pop-Up Book

By Kim Snaith on at

The next Lego Ideas set to roll out is going to be a pop-up book, and last night we got our first glimpse of it. A fan-made project submitted to Lego Ideas in 2018, it was approved for creation in May 2018, and now it's "coming soon".

A short video shared on Lego Ideas' social media last night showed the final product design for the pop-up book. Emblazoned with 'Once Upon a Brick', it's a very neat looking model. It looks quite different from the original design – which you can see below – but it's certainly improved for the better, with a much more eye-catching cover. Exactly what the contents of the pop-up book are remain a mystery, but with the appearance of a Big Bad Wolf in the video, it looks like the finished product is keeping the original theme of Little Red Riding Hood/fairy tales.

A rumour from last week suggested the Pop-Up Book is releasing as soon as the end of this month. There's no official word from Lego on a release date just yet, but since the company like to announce and release stuff pretty quickly, it's not out of the question that we'll see it within the next couple of weeks.