Lego Ideas is Bringing a Treehouse and The Flintstones to Life

By Tom Pritchard on at

The latest set of Lego Ideas results are in, and once again the company has decided two of the finalists deserve to be turned into real life sets that will be available to purchase. The winners are the elaborate Lego Treehouse set, and a recreation of classic animated TV series the Flintstones.

The treehouse, as you can see below, is a pretty tall intricate structure featuring a family that somehow got lost in the woods and decided it would be better to live in a tree that make their way back to society. The original model has three minifigures (mum, dad, and a kid), various animals, and three detachable cabins - two with bedrooms and one with a bathroom. The original has 2,643 pieces, so this one is a bit of a beast and might need you to clear up some space.

Meanwhile the Flintstones, below, is a recreation of the house from the show - characters and all. It has six minifigures of the six main characters, a version of the car, and all the other smaller details. Apparently there's even a dinosaur-powered lawnmower, and a feature that tips over the car when you attach a set of dino ribs. The original set has 770 pieces, so it's not huge, but that makes the detail all the more impressive.

There's no timeline on when either set will be released, or how much they'll be, but obviously there will be a bit of a wait while Lego finetunes the design and gets everything else ready for release. Sometime next year, but that could be as long as 15 months away.