Lenovo's Been Teasing a Foldable Phone of its Own

By Tom Pritchard on at

From the looks of things bendy phones are going to be the next big gimmick in the smartphone industry. Not only has Samsung been working on one of its own for what seems like forever (ready to launch sometime later this year, according to execs), other companies have been joining the fray. The latest seems to be Lenovo, which has been teasing a folding device with a video of the thing in action.

Someone posted the very amateurish looking video on Chinese social network Weibo, complete with vertical orientation and rubbish picture quality. Lenovo then did whatever the Weibo version of a retweet is called, adding what Google Translate thinks says "I can be very bad, and I will have a fork! Let's see you in October." That doesn't make any sense, though Abacus News claims the translation is "We are just so terribly good. It’s time to show off," which doesn't sound like complete jibberish.

Whatever the actual translation is (Mandarin is hard), it's clear that Lenovo has something planned for later this month. We'll just have to wait and see whether it's the announcement of a foldable phone that will be commercially available, or if it just has a concept to show off. It wouldn't be the first time the company designed a folding device that never made it to market, if that ends up being the case. The company developed a folding 'wrist phone' back in 2016, alongside a folding tablet display.

The design of this new phone looks similar to the wrist device too, with a longer narrower frame than your typical smartphone. The reasons for this mix up aren't obvious, but I doubt it's actually relevant to the functionality of the phone. Even if it would make watching videos a little bit more annoying.

 October has just started, so we have just over four weeks for Lenovo to come out and show us what it has to offer. Let's just hope it's not like that notch-free full-screen phone it teased a couple of months back, since it turned out the device was nothing like the concepts we'd been shown. [Android Police]