Looks Like Facebook May Roll Out a Feature That Lets You Unsend Messages

By Dave Meikleham on at

Are you the sort of impulsive, filter-free individual who goes on Facebook and sends regrettable messages after one too many pints of Belgium's fightiest lager? Then good news! It looks the social media site is about to roll out a message-kiboshing feature.

Spotted by regular Facebook guru Jane Wong, it seems the site is experimenting with a feature that gives users a small window to unsend messages. Apparently, a long-press on a message shortly after it's sent will kill it, though there's seemingly a limit on the number of messages you can retract.

Facebook has yet to officially comment on the matter, but considering the likes of WhatsApp and Gmail already let you unsend messages, it wouldn't be a surprise if the feature was made live to the masses in the near future.

I'm not on Facebook, but if I were, Inebriated Friday Night Me would almost certainly appreciate the ability to unsend plastered messages.


Featured image: PC World