Looks Like Google's Releasing a 'Smart TV Kit' Bundle, with Chromecast and Google Home Mini

By Tom Pritchard on at

There's been a lot going on with Google's upcoming Pixel launch event, with leaks spilling out and revealing all the new and updated devices we should expect to see. Another one has just revealed itself, in the form of a 'Smart TV Kit'. The contents are nothing new, but it's interesting to see how Google attempts to further integrate its products into the smart home ecosystem.

The leak comes from Reddit, showing that Google is mixing up its commercial offerings later this year. That said contents aren't new, really, since it pretty much just contains a Chromecast and a Google Home mini. If you already have either, then this purchase isn't really going to make much sense. But you're probably not who Google is focussing on. This is likely a kit designed for first timers who can experience one of the most interesting features of smart assistants: the ability to control your TV using your voice instead of a remote.

There's not a whole lot to see on the Reddit thread itself, though the consensus is that the kit comes with the refreshed Chromecast model. There's no pricing information either, though one commenter posted a link to similar bundle currently available at Walmart for $75 (£56). Bought together at full price, US customers would be left with an $84 bill (£79 here in the UK) meaning the bundle nets them a $9 discount. Assuming the Smart TV Kit will have similar pricing, and a similar discount, we can expect something in the region of £70.

Interestingly Reddit users are speculating that the new model isn't 4K, and is actually designed as a Full HD replacement for the second gen Chromecast. No evidence is presented by the commenter, but it's interesting to note that the £30 second-gen Chromecast has now been removed from sale on Google's official store, but the £69 Chromecast Ultra has not. Instead the Buy button has been replaced by a 'Coming Soon' tag, so Google knows we know there's another one coming, and the second gen model is definitely on the way out.

Both of those things would suggest that Chromecast Ultra is sticking around, and since there's very little it has to offer except 4K and HDR then it seems unlikely that Google would keep it in stock with a half-priced replacement just around the corner. Unless, of course, this is a bluff, and designed to throw us off the scent of the real announcements. Honestly we'll just have to wait and see. The big launch event is expected on 9th October, so we don't have long to wait. [Reddit via Slashgear]