Lord Brexit Plans to Build His Electric Cars in Foreign Land

By Gary Cutlack on at

One of the country's loudest pro-Brexit business voices has rather oddly decided to base a massive new manufacturing hub thousands of miles away in Singapore, with Sir James Dyson choosing to expand his overseas facilities in order to build its forthcoming electric car.

Despite Dyson having a testbed in the UK for its EV technology, Singapore wins the actual building job for being nearer to high-growth electric car markets out east, according to an internal memo sent to staff. This will involve a doubling of Dyson employees in Singapore, where it currently builds a lot of its toilet-based technology, and is currently preparing to build an electric car factory that's expected to be online by 2020 – letting Dyson launch its EV as soon as 2021.

Dyson's official explanation for the siting of the factory literally nowhere near the UK cites the ready availability of engineering talent out there, and says the decision is in no way related to potential Brexit supply chain issues or labour costs. [Guardian]