Someone's Invented a Handbag for Women Scared of Their Phones

By Holly Brockwell on at

Worried about radiation, but can't stop scrolling on Instagram? There's a bag for that.

The Lylo Bag has almost reached its £10k funding goal on Kickstarter, so it looks like there's demand for a tiny women's handbag with incredibly vague claims about protection from smartphone radiation.

Starting with the Daily Mail-esque 'YOUR CELL PHONE COULD BE HARMING YOU…,' Lylo's crowdfunding page goes on to use the old 'studies worldwide have shown' rather than, you know, actual citations. And what have these studies apparently shown? That "long term exposure to EMF radiation could be linked to many health problems (headaches, fatigue, memory loss, stress, cancer, and tumours, among others)."

Could it? Could it also be linked to singing with a fake accent and liking marzipan? It COULD! Those things could be linked to anything!

For instance, did you know that 100% of dead people were once alive? Being alive causes death, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE.

The Lylo Bag can apparently be worn four different ways, including the ever-fashionable bumbag and on your back so people can nick stuff without you noticing.

It also comes with a lipstick holder, laydeez, and the name Lylo apparently means 'light and love'.

Pinterest fans will love it.

If you're wondering if you missed something about phone radiation being mega-harmful, by the way, you didn't – the NHS's position is still that "most current research suggests it's unlikely that radio waves from mobile phones or base stations increase the risk of any health problems," though of course "there's still some uncertainty about possible health effects from using a phone for longer than [20 years]." Which is longer than you're going to use any handbag, let's be honest.

And what about the study saying mobile phone use is mega-harmful for pregnant women? Flawed by design, says the NHS.

Still, if you want to pay over the odds on a typo-riddled Kickstarter page for a bag made from 'special fabric' that blocks phone cooties, you do you.