Maggots Spotted in McDonald's Ketchup Dispenser

By Gary Cutlack on at

Maybe little single use plastic sachets are not such a bad idea after all, because the environmentally friendly alternative offered to a little plastic wrap of ketchup in one UK branch of McDonald's is... squirting your sauce out through a maggot-infested pipe.

Yes, squirting ketchup out through a maggot-infested pipe is one vision of a plastic-free future being offered in a Cambridge branch of McDonald's, where a diner was paying attention enough to notice wriggling things in the sauce dispenser. And took a video, obviously, seeing as staff didn't seem overly bothered about there being maggots in the pipes, probably because no one's job description says they're the one in charge of getting maggots out of pipes so... *shrug*.

Thanks to this being the modern world, we can even show you the maggots in the sauce pipe:

Bring back the factory-sealed plastic sachets that take 400 years to even fade slightly. All is forgiven. [Twitter via Cambridge Live]