Michael Dorn is 'Encouraged' About the Chances of a Worf-Centric Star Trek Series

By Tom Pritchard on at

Years ago Michael Dorn, better known a Worf in various iterations of Star Trek, came up with the idea to give the angsty Klingon officer his own spin-off TV series. The idea was pitched to Star Trek's home network CBS, but nothing ever came of it - despite Dorn expressing his hopes that the series may someday get made. Given the revitalisation of the franchise that's currently ongoing, what does that mean for Worf?

CBS has promised to invest a lot into Star Trek in the immediate future, with hopes to have 'non-stop Trek' on the all Access streaming service. That process has begun with Patrick Stewart's return to the franchise as Jean-Luc Picard, which was a bit of an unfair snub to Star Worf. Or at least, I think so.

Speaking during a press conference at Destination Star Trek in Birmingham, Dorn admitted that he was encouraged by how the new investment in Trek could impact the still un-made Worf Chronicles. He told the room that he was willing to do the series, but added that things would need to be right first. The right situation and the right script were both mentioned, but presumably it would also need to be necessary. Not just Worf roaming the galaxy scowling and declaring various aliens he encounters have no honour.

As for the Picard series, Dorn, along with Gates McFadden (Dr Crusher) and Marina Sirtis (Counsellor Troi) all admitted that they weren't holding their breath about the topic of returning to Patrick Stewart's fledgling series. Sirtis herself said that the announcement said Picard was returning, and not The Next Generation.

Dorn added that he wouldn't want to be involved if his role was simply a cameo, "Mr Worf what are you doing here" as he put it. Klingon makeup takes time to put on, after all, and he'd like his part to be important. That said he and McFadden joked that they could always swap roles for a cameo, since all he'd have to do was put on a red wig.

So it's not comforting news about the future of Starfleet's favourite Klingon, but considering he's sort-of backtracked after saying Discovery would probably be "the nail in the coffin for Worf", we can all hope something comes along. If anyone at CBS is listening, I'd also like a post-Dominion war series called Keeping up With the Cardassians, with Garak in a central role.