Morrisons Humours Curry Moaners With New Hottest Supermarket Dish

By Gary Cutlack on at

Morrisons is looking to win the hearts, minds, and desensitised tongues of the serious curry eaters across the nation, as it's launched a new ready-made curry described as the flaming fiery phaal – an eight-chilli-rated threat to your throat containing a variety of scorpion chilli.

The supermarket is so pleased with its new ultra-hot range that's it's assembled a video in which it disses people who moaned that its previous hottest curry – the slightly tame volcanic vindaloo – was nothing like hot enough, and has also encouraged a few curry enthusiasts to sample it on camera. They needed tissues and seemed to agree it genuinely is a killer:

Hence the £2 flaming fiery phaal ought to stop fans complaining that supermarket curries are all sauce and no spice, and should also lead to loads of viral response videos of people crying a bit and gasping while eating it for the modern LOLs. Can someone buy one and have it for lunch and let us know? [YouTube via Standard]