MPs Are Going To Interrogate A Robot, And It's Not Theresa May

By Holly Brockwell on at

MPs have invited a robot into Parliament to tell them about the impact of AI on education and the workforce.

Pepper, made by SoftBank Robotics, has been assisting Middlesex University students with educational projects including teaching primary school kids. As a result, it's been called to an oral evidence session on the topic of the fourth industrial revolution on the 16th of October.

It's named on the attendee list as 'Pepper, robot.'

Harlow MP Robert Halfon, who is chairing the committee, told Tes that he basically has no idea how it's all going to work, "but I think it will be exciting, interesting and it’s basically showing what the potential is."

In other words, this is all definitely a productive use of government time and not at all a publicity stunt to ensure we all know how tech-savvy the Tories are. But of course that was never in doubt: they elected the MayBot.

Main image: Collision Conf via Flickr CC