MPs Want Petrodiesel Car Ban Brought Forward to 2032

By Gary Cutlack on at

Forward-imagining MPs working together as a BEIS committee on electric cars have called for the rest of the UK to join Scotland in banning new petrol and diesel car sales by 2032 instead of 2040, as sticking to the latter date risks making a mockery of the UK's supposed world-leading stance on EVs.

Imagining that there will still be a UK and that people will still have money or need cars in the year 2032, the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee says the government needs to be more ambitious with its pure EV plans, not just as part of a global mission to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit local air pollution grime spots, but also because taking a lead in EV deployment may help to keep the UK's car manufacturing and design industry alive and exporting goods and knowledge.

Oh, and there should be a refreshed Plug-in Grant Scheme to fill the gap until the mid-2020s when EVs are expected to drop in price and match the cost of diesel and petrol-engined vehicles without subsidy, or the current scheme as it stands should at least be maintained rather than cut. [BEIS]