Nest is Bringing the Thermostat E to the UK

By Tom Pritchard on at

Nest is one of the biggest name in smart temperature control, and the Google-owned company clearly doesn't want to let that go anytime soon. It's just announced that the Thermostat E is coming to Europe in the middle of this month. Since it launched in the US last September, it took them long enough.

The Thermostat E is designed to offer all the same features as the Nest Learning Thermostat, but with a better focus on simplicity, control, and smart design. It's designed to be a much more subtle set piece, with nest claiming it's designed to feel more like a piece of furniture rather than a gizmo that's been slapped onto the wall. That also means it's easy to install, replacing your existing thermostat and using all the same wires as whatever it is you had before.

The Thermostat E has its own pre-set schedule, but is able to detect when people are in the house, and automatically adjusts the temperature accordingly. But, if you need to make some manual changes, like its predecessors, it's easily controllable from a smartphone app, your laptop, or through Google Assistant. Internal sensors can not only detect temperature, but also humidity, ambient light, and proximity.

The Thermostat E is set to go on sale sometime in the middle of this month. It'll cost £199, and will be available from the likes of B&Q, Google Store, John Lewis, Screwfix, Curry's, Argos, AO, Shop Direct, Plumber's Merchant, Travis Perkins, Toolstation Limited, and Wolseley. Alternatively you can pre-order today from the Nest website.