Netflix Just Picked up the International Rights to DC's Titans TV Series

By Tom Pritchard on at

DC Universe, the streaming service dedicated to all things relevant to DC Comics, has just launched over in the US. The issue is that it's currently only available for Americans, meaning people like us can't sign up to enjoy all the original content that's being produced. Well there's some good news for you all, because it's been reported that Netflix has picked up the international streaming rights to Titans, the first of those original series.

Titans 11-episode first series is set to premiere next Friday (12th October), though unlike some streaming services DC has opted for the standard weekly release schedule rather than dumping them all online in one go. While it's not clear much of a wait there will be before new episodes appear on Netflix, the general trend is that American shows popup the day after they're made available in the US. That's how it's been with the likes of Star Trek: Discovery, The Good Place, and so on.

Sometimes we have had to wait longer (Rick & Morty had a week-long gap, for example), but that's not as common for big-name shows. Whatever happens, let's just hope that we don't have to wait until the series is over, so Netflix can dump it all in one go. Because pirates will just go and download it, rather than deal with the wait.

According to Variety Netflix doesn't just have the rights to Titans here in the UK, either. Like Star Trek, it seems the streaming service has picked up the rights for every country except the US and China. Obviously DC wants to keep the rights in-house in the only country where its service is available, and Netflix isn't actually available in China for a variety of reasons.

Sadly there's no word on what's going on with other DC Universe original series like Doom Patrol or Young Justice: Outsiders. We also have no idea what will happen to the rights issues in Canada once DC keeps its promise and expands its streaming platform into the country. But at least for now people can be safe in the knowledge that they can go out and watch Titans without having to sign up for something completely new. [Variety]