All That New Alexa Stuff Goes on Sale in the UK Today

By Holly Brockwell on at

It feels like no time at all since Giz UK was living it up in Seattle trying out all the new Alexa devices, but already it's launch day.

The new range of Amazon Alexa devices goes on sale at Amazon UK today, although some of it is currently not showing as 'in stock' (looking at you, All-New Echo Show).

Here's a reminder of what's on offer:

All-new Echo Dot

Amazon's best selling speaker is back in a fabric-covered, extra-rounded new form. It's the same price as the previous iteration at £49.99.

All-new Echo Plus

Also rounder, squatter and covered with fabric, the new Echo Plus includes a Zigbee smart home hub and a temperature sensor. It'll cost you £139.99.

All-new Echo Show

The new edition of Alexa-with-a-screen should in theory go on sale today, though it's currently showing as unavailable. It'll be £219.99 here when it does come in.

Amazon Smart Plug

An easy way to add Alexa control to anything that plugs in, and about the same price as third-party smart plugs: this one's a no brainer at £24.99.

Echo Sub

For those wanting a bit more boom in their bass, the new Echo subwoofer is available from today at £119.99.

What about Echo Input?

We didn't get a date for the launch of Echo Input at the Alexa event. We know it's coming to the UK, but since it hasn't appeared for sale on its page yet and doesn't have a date, it doesn't look like it'll be any time soon. Keep checking here if you want one for £34.99.

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