New Partnership Means EE Customers May End Up With Custom Apple TVs

By Tom Pritchard on at

It's no secret that Apple has been wanting to infiltrate the world of streaming and television for quite some time, to the point where it's been spending millions of dollars on original content. But there's more to TV dominance than simply creating content people may find too boring to watch. Word is it's in discussions with BT to deliver Apple TV hardware to EE broadband customers, in an effort from both companies to better infiltrate the living room.

This is according to The Telegraph anyway, which has spoken to sources claiming the world's most valuable fruit company in discussing the possibility of delivering custom Apple TV devices to EE broadband customers. Devices that will come with a number of apps pre-installed, including BT Sport and anything else either company would like to push.  Presumably this would be similar to Sky and Now TV's partnership with Roku, which produces budget streaming hardware with a more limited range of apps.

It seems like a reasonable deal, and as TechRadar points out BT consumer chief Marc Allura has suggested the company may move away from producing its own expensive hardware. Teaming with Apple means they could offer some sort of premium set-top box without having to go to all the hassle of developing it themselves. The only question is why this would only affect EE customers, rather than those opting for BT broadband, unless BT really wants a perk to encourage people to sign up. Although that begs the question as to why BT even is offering broadband under two different brand names.

It's not an unprecedented deal for Apple either, which already does something similar with Swiss telecoms company Salt. That means if you have EE broadband you may end up finding yourself with a free Apple TeeVee slathered in EE logos. [The Telegraph]