New Rumour Reckons the Samsung Galaxy S10 Will Have a 43 Megapixel Camera

By Tom Pritchard on at

As far as I'm aware we're past all the big phone launches for 2018, except for maybe Xiaomi's impending UK launch of still-unspecified products. Naturally that means we have to readjust our focus onto 2019's handsets in a way we just weren't doing before. We've already heard plenty of rumours, but you should expect them to start flying out every five minutes. The latest to hit the web is one claiming Samsung will add a ridiculous 43-megapixel camera to the Galaxy S10.

All of this is speculative, though, and stems from the fact Samsung has released images of two new images sensors that are designed to offer high quality high resolution photos - even in low-light conditions that high-res mobile sensors have historically struggled with. Isocell Bright GM1 and GD1 sensors involve 0.8-micrometer pixels to respectively offer 48 and 32 megapixel resolution, with the clincher being that these sensors are small enough to fit in a regular-sized phone. That'll be why people have started claiming they may end up in Samsung's next flagship.

It's far too early to say for sure, and since this is all speculative there's no evidence from the supply chain to confirm or deny the possibility. Adding extra megapixels to a camera is no indicator of quality, and most of you can probably remember that time a few years ago when phone makers went a little bit nuts in that regard. But we have seen phones like the Huawei Mate 20 Pro jack up the resolution on the main lens, so it's not beyond the realms of possibility that Samsung is thinking about doing the same.

We're going to have to wait and see, though there's nothing wrong with a sensor that can perform better in a low-light environment. Expect plenty more Galaxy S10 rumours to pop up in the coming months, all of which should hopefully shed some light on the scraps we've heard so far. [Samsung via Pocket Lint]