Nick Clegg Heads to Facebook as VP of Global Policy and Communications

By Kim Snaith on at

Nick Clegg, previous deputy Prime Minister and Sheffield MP is giving up British politics once and for all... by moving to Silicon Valley to head up Facebook's global policy and communications division.

It's not April Fool's Day, nor is it Bring A British Politician to Work Day, so the news of the appointment comes as a bit of a surprise. Clegg will be replacing Elliot Schrage, who previously held the role of vice president of global policy and communications for ten years before stepping down earlier this year. The role will involve dealing with Facebook's political issues including fake news, data protection and government regulation. So, er, pretty much everything that Facebook struggles with lately.

According to the Financial Times, who first reported the news, Zuckerberg himself had been headhunting Clegg for "months". And it was a promise of getting a "leading role in shaping the company's strategy" that swung it for the ex-Lib Dem leader. As reported by The Guardian, sources say Clegg's appointment is meant to be a "bold example" rather than a "quick fix", showing Facebook's dedication to dealing with policy and reputation issues.

He starts on Monday, and he'll be working in Facebook's London office before relocating stateside along with his wife and their three children in the new year. Well, best of luck to him. I'll leave you with the words of ex-Giz UK editor James O'Malley, who sums it up quite nicely: